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Think you are stressed?

We all have stress in some form and our feet certainly do! As a Podiatrist part of my job is to understand these stresses and formulate effective treatment strategies.


Compressional stress- From two convergent fpres acting in opposite direction, e.g. the sole of the heel and forefoot against the floor.


Tensile stress- Resulting from the stretching of tissues, e.g. the arches of the foot.


Shearing stress-commonly occurs in the tissues of the feet becuase of movements of the bony structures within the foot relative to the soft tissues, and movement between the foot and shoe during walking.


Torsional stress- created by pivoting on the foot during walking.

When the tolerance of skin and subcutaneous tissue to mechanical stress has been exeeded, each produces its own characteristic effects which, if severe enough result in tissue trauma and injury. By debriding corns, callouses and ulceration the physical effects are treated. Using orthotics, insoles, padding and strapping these are greatly reduced and in some cases completely resolved.

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